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Sustainable Landscaping: What does it mean?

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

What do you do when something inside your house no longer works the way it is intended? If the plumbing doesn’t work in your bathroom, or maybe even your kitchen is outdated, you renovate those spaces. Usually, you don’t just move out and sell the house. It is costly and generally, not a sustainable practice.

This same principle should be applied to the outdoor living spaces of your home, and Old Field Landscapes can help. Remember how great your plants looked when they were first installed? They could look like that again. If a plant is too big, whether it’s blocking a window or covering up your whole house, you aren’t limited to living with it or removing it; there are options.

Often, the best option in the case described is dormant pruning, which is a method of pruning done to drastically reduce the size of plants in a way that won’t harm them. This method can save you time and money! Dormancy (the time in which this pruning is done) for most plants in our area is now, during the winter. It is the period during which a plant is not actively growing.

Dormant pruning can have multiple other benefits for your plants as well. It simulates what occurs in nature, where plants are often naturally knocked back by things like weather and animal consumption to rejuvenate them and stimulate new, healthy growth. New growth is where the flowers are produced on many plants, such as Roses and Crape Myrtles, so dormant pruning could help to generate a better flower display.  Dormant pruning also opens up the interior of a plant to air, sun, and rain, which is important for preventing pests and disease. Constant shearing of a plant causes it to grow increasingly dense around its outer layer, forming a barrier to air, sun, and rain, which in turn causes health problems. Finally, dormant pruning often reduces the pruning that needs to be done during the growing season (when you want to just enjoy your outdoor space!).

At Old Field Landscapes, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to advise you on how to proceed with dormant pruning. We know what plants this can be done to, and what plants it cannot. We know how much pruning your plants can take, and bounce back the way you want, and we will come look at it with you for free!

Dormant Pruning

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