All Options Require a Debit/CC Saved In Our Secure Client Portal or ACH Payment

Option #1:

10 Easy Monthly Payments (Interest Free for 1 Year)

This one is simple, the total season rate is split up over 12 easy payments. (1st payment is due upon signup; Cancel Anytime)

*Not available for one time services

Option #2:

ACH Checking Full Prepay (5% Discount)

Option #3:

CC Full Prepay (2.5% Discount)

Other Scenarios:

50% Down + Remainder Due Upon Completion (used for some services that are over $500)

We offer this option for most one time services when the rate is over $500 (for current program customers only).  An invoice is emailed upon acceptance of quote and the debit/cc used for payment is saved on file to charge remainder upon completion.


Usually used for “one-off” type jobs for current program customers (examples: Leaf Service, One Time Cleanups, Miscellaneous Service)

“Pay as You Go”

In some special cases we do approve payment upon completion of each service. We would store a payment option within our secure client portal and auto-charge the upon completion of each service. Please note that rates are generally higher with “Pay as You Go” compared to our other payment options.



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